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Casino interior is a highly optimized asset for any VR, AR projects, games, mobile games, presentations, animations and more.
Thanks to ideal low-poly models with optimal lightmaps UVs and minimal pixel textures, it can work on any modern mobile devices.
Casino interior does not use lighting sources, work on emissive materials, and has a reasonable render time thanks to the new Progressive engine, so you can easily create your layouts and interiors.
One main texture makes it easy to change the color solution of the entire interior.

This package contains:
Modular walls, Roulette table, Black Jack table, Craps table, Slot machines, Lamps, Cards, Casino chips

137 separate FBX

126 prefabs

1 main texture 512x512

10 animation texture (512x512)

1 main material

12 materials (animation)

0 Light source(emissive materials)

Demo scene with 8 lightmaps (Progressive)

All objects have two UVs

All brands is fake or abstract



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